Volunteer of the month of September

Sahara Group Foundation

Sahara Group Foundation

Sahara Group Foundation is the Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility vehicle for Sahara Group - a leading Oil & Gas, Energy, and Infrastructure conglomerate.

1). Tell us about yourself (Name, job title, location, and length of stay with Sahara)


My name is Hassan Oladipupo Colley, a Quantity Surveyor (QS) for Sahara Group Limited (Projects Department). I am situated at Corporate Centrium and have spent 11 months in the role.


2) Using three words, describe how you feel to be named Sahara Foundation volunteer of the month?


Thrilled, Honored, and Grateful.

3) With a brief story, please share with us your most impactful volunteer experience in Sahara.


– I recently helped with the renovation of a police station in Mafolokwu-Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria. A project implemented by Sahara Foundation on behalf of Asharami Synergy, where I served in the capacity of project manager.

– As a QS, I have extensive experience working on building projects and to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills to a transformative CSR project as this was a real honor for me.

– To support the Foundation with such projects going forward. I have worked on and introduced a standardized project building renovation documents to guide all related projects like this that the Foundation may embark on. This is to ensure standard uniformity across all locations where police stations revamp is ongoing.

– The Airport Road Police Station Revamp project was truly remarkable for me because I was part of transforming the building from its dilapidated state to a refurbished one. Thereby providing a solar energy powered station for the police officers, helping them serve better.

– On the day of the handover ceremony to the police command. I got the opportunity to be an MC and anchor the event. A fun and fulfilling end to the project for me.


4) Sahara Foundation supports development in ‘Access to Energy’ and ‘Sustainable Environments’. What are your thoughts about these areas with regards Africa’s development.


Both are quite essential and indispensable. If all Africans can have access to energy and live in a sustainable society where their basic needs are met, and the environment is safe and conducive for all, then the continent would thrive rapidly. So, I am excited that Sahara Foundation is committed to advancing development in these areas across Africa.


5) Describe the Africa of your dreams and share with us what everyone on an individual level can do to ensure we attain this.


The Africa of my dreams is a place where African do not have to migrate for greener pastures. Everyone should come together and volunteer by making impact in any tangible way they can.


6) What is the most exciting thing about being a volunteer?


– Selflessness is the most exciting character in Volunteering. Words on the marble says: “True happiness comes from making others happy by volunteering.

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