Skilling Teachers, Trainers and Youths for a Transformative Future

In a world where two-thirds of youth in developing countries are not fulfilling their economic potential, and 70% of an estimated 200 million Nigerians are in the youth category, the issue of skills development cannot and must not be taken lightly. Before the advent of social media, skills acquisition took on various forms both informal […]

World Environmental Day – #BeatPlasticPollution

World Environmental Day – #BeatPlasticPollution What is World Environment Day? World Environment Day, marked on June 5th every year, is driven and led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is the “biggest international day for the environment”. Since 1973, UNEP has marked World Environment Day annually, encouraging people to take action to save the planet, which has brought about widespread acceptance […]

Ways to Promote Sustainabilty at your workplace

With so much of our lives spent at our place of work, recycling in the workplace as a culture, if encouraged, can impact our society positively. Here are 4 way to promote sustainability at your workplace Reduce electricity Consumption:  Save energy by turning off the lights when  not in use, Be it at home or […]

Make Recycling fun too for the family

Recycling is an activity you can get your whole family excited about, especially the children. It is that fun activity you do and in the same breath you get to positively impact the environment.  Introducing your kids to recycling at an early age is a great way  to teach them about sustainability and its importance […]

Volunteer for the Month of August

  Tell us about yourself (Name, job title, current location, interests, hobbies, favourite travel destination,  and length of stay with Sahara) Temi Adeniran. Finance head, Asharami Uganda limited, Kampala Uganda. I’m a lover of sports most especially football (watching and playing), reading  finance & cultural-related books, as well as watching comedy movies  and skits. I […]

Sahara Impact Fund Past Fellow

“My journey started during my undergraduate days. It started as a community initiative. We used to go from one rural community to another, doing advocacy and sensitization on sustainable environment. It was during these times, that I realized that plastic waste was a serious problem in Nigeria. This is how PetPoint technology came about. The […]

Sahara Impact Fund Past Fellows

“I got to learn about the Sahara impact fund through a friend. The link was sent to me and I looked through the form. I knew I met all the criteria listed in the form, so I filled the form, submitted and waited. When they reached out to me, my excitement knew no bound. Being […]

Sahara Impact Fund Past Fellows

“My name is Tayo, and I’m a co-founder of Uwana energy; a clean energy company that provides solar home systems and solar installations for small businesses and large organizations, depending energy needs. The dreams started during my National Youth service year. Though a trained lawyer, I wanted to get involved in an industry that could […]

Sahara Foundation Graduates Inaugural Cohort of the Sahara Impact Fund- “The Resilient Cohort”

  In October 2020, Sahara Foundation conceptualized the Sahara Impact Fund (“SIF”)- a strategic partnership between Sahara Foundation, Ford Foundation, LEAP Africa and Impact Investment Foundation created to support the generation of innovative solutions which will increase access to clean energy, promote sustainable environments all targeted at accelerating attainment of the SDGs in a manner […]

Sahara Foundation STEAMERs Program

Sahara Foundation in partnership with STEM café conceptualized the “catch them young and curious” Sahara STEAMERs programme  in 2021. The Sahara STEAMERs Programme is a school-based science and innovation Fellowship for secondary school students in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. The programme aims to raise 150 smart technologists with creative confidence, deep understanding of embedded systems, […]