Sahara STEAMers Programme

The Sahara STEAMers Programme is an afterschool STEAM initiative that aims to build a new generation and army  of social innovators and smart technologists with creative confidence in Africa.

Launched in 2021 in partnership with STEMCafe, a non-linear learning center, the programme provides African students with access to world-class labs, immersive learning experiences, and practical classrooms to help inspire them to become problem solvers  in their communities.

Currently, the programme is running in 4 African countries, 8 schools, and with over 150 students. The participating countries include Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The program curriculum is divided into weekly in-class workshops, vision boarding exercises, and the national and regional demo day events. Working with STEMCafe trainers and Sahara Group Foundation volunteers, the students are encouraged and identify societal issues around their communities and develop solutions to these problems using technology.

The students go on to present the prototype designs of their solutions during the national and regional Demo Day. Innovative solutions target a diverse range of sectors that include education, security, healthcare, agriculture, etc.

Nigeria National Demo Day

Nairobi National Demo Day

Uganda National Demo Day

Tanzania National Demo Day