Leveraging COP28 Conversations to Advance the African Agenda

By Ejiro Gray. Director, Sahara Group Foundation. “Global inequality persists; climate impacts are unfairly distributed. Even with unconditional nationally determined contributions we are facing 2.9 degrees centigrade   warming. Developing countries face a staggering adaptation finance gap, 10-18 times as big as international public finance flows. The next decade will shape our future.” These are the words […]

Life in Plastic; All We Can Save

There is a chill around me. Droplets of cool moisture make my skin tingle. Though we are packed tightly, we do not feel the heat that ordinarily characterizes such constricting conditions.  We have the huge blocks of ice thrust in our midst and resting on our heads, to thank for this. I can feel the […]

World Environmental Day – #BeatPlasticPollution

World Environmental Day – #BeatPlasticPollution What is World Environment Day? World Environment Day, marked on June 5th every year, is driven and led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and is the “biggest international day for the environment”. Since 1973, UNEP has marked World Environment Day annually, encouraging people to take action to save the planet, which has brought about widespread acceptance […]

Sahara Foundation Graduates Inaugural Cohort of the Sahara Impact Fund- “The Resilient Cohort”

  In October 2020, Sahara Foundation conceptualized the Sahara Impact Fund (“SIF”)- a strategic partnership between Sahara Foundation, Ford Foundation, LEAP Africa and Impact Investment Foundation created to support the generation of innovative solutions which will increase access to clean energy, promote sustainable environments all targeted at accelerating attainment of the SDGs in a manner […]

Sahara Foundation STEAMERs Program

Sahara Foundation in partnership with STEM café conceptualized the “catch them young and curious” Sahara STEAMERs programme  in 2021. The Sahara STEAMERs Programme is a school-based science and innovation Fellowship for secondary school students in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. The programme aims to raise 150 smart technologists with creative confidence, deep understanding of embedded systems, […]


In the face of climate changes, we must ensue some form of adaptive resistance which seeks to preserve, as much as possible, the historical structure, composition, and function of the ecosystem. One of the primary resistance strategies is to ‘identify and preserve’ areas known as ‘Climate change Refugia’. A Refugia (refugium- singular) is an area […]


Did you know that recycling and waste bins have different colours for a reason? Ahh, I see you didn’t! So you’re just like us years ago. The red, green and blue coloured bins you see, are not just because the manufacturer wanted them colourful. Each colour signifies a specific function in the world of recycling, […]


Let’s be honest, a majority of us are guilty of poor waste disposal habits. Everything goes into one bin. And if we’re ‘environmental conscious enough’ or so to speak, then we let the waste management trucks pick them up; else it’s most likely going to end up in at the river side or the local […]