The SIF Fellowship Programme was a transformative journey, propelling my vision for affordable solar energy in Africa. Not only did it provide crucial seed funding, but it also served as a catalyst, fueling innovation and sustainability at Fizzle Power Tech. Thanks to the Sahara Group Foundation, we’re not just bringing solar energy; we’re pioneering positive change in communities across Africa. I’m immensely grateful for the unwavering support from the Foundation.

Kehinde Fashola

Founder, Fizzle Power Tech, Nigeria.

The Sahara Impact Fund Fellowship Programme was my first accelerator programme and I learnt a lot from it like improving on my pitching skills, learning how to make a better business plan, and the fun part- exposure to travel to Nigeria where I met other entrepreneurs and most importantly, the funds the Programme availed me to boost my business (SOLA FAM UGANDA).
All thanks goes to the Sahara Group Foundation

Ainomugisha Shifra

Founder SOLA FAM, Uganda.

The Sahara Impact Fund Fellowship Programme offered a plethora of opportunities for business development. From the trainings on business structure, elevation pitch, mission and vision statements, scaling and expansion, to the interactive sessions, I learnt a whole lot and we are presently putting to practice all that I learnt. This will greatly assist me in developing a more exquisite sustainable market.

Timothy Munthali

Founder, Tawonga Cooking Oil Processing Enterprise, Malawi.

The SIF Fellowship Programme served as a mini MBA programme for a social entrepreneur like me who was interested in making positive impacts on the continent. The programme has not only fine- tuned my skills on goals settings, mission and vision statements, elevation pitch, building a winning team but it has also enabled me to set growth strategies for my business.

Adegoke Muideen Adewale​

Founder of DigitAgric Integrated limited

The Sahara Impact Fund Fellowship Programme’s experience was everything and more of what I had expected. From the initial commencement of the programme to when the team welcomed us in Nigeria for the awards, I have never felt so important and prioritized in my life like when I was in Nigeria. I loved how the amplifier app explained every module in detail and practical examples, it made the journey easy for us.

Muofhe Ratshikombo

CEO, Oumie's Grandè, South Africa.

Through the programme’s comprehensive fellowship, we’ve been able to refine and strengthen our investment case, showcasing a compelling narrative that outlines the impact and value of Gasmonkey. The programme’s guidance and support have aligned our various initiatives, amplifying our commitment to revolutionizing the access to clean energy in Africa.
Our participation in this fellowship has not only fine-tuned our operational efficiency but has also bolstered our strategic positioning within the clean energy sector. This, in turn, has significantly fortified our investor appeal by presenting a well-rounded, impactful, and financially viable business proposition.

Paul Nnaluo

Founder, Gas Monkey, Nigeria.

WEGE COMPANY is about tackling environmental issues through transforming wastes into eco-friendly packaging materials, and the knowledge gained from the Sahara Impact Fund Programme has helped me streamline operations, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall efficiency. This has resulted in increased productivity and marketing strategies, customer satisfaction, market competitiveness, and measuring our impacts, as well as expanding our impact environmentally, socially, and economically.

Jolis Nduwimana

CEO and Founder of WEGE COMPANY, Burundi

Philipo Kitungano

The Sahara Impact Fund Programme was an amazing experience for me.
I learnt a lot about growing my business on the impact amplifier platform and via virtual sessions during the programme. Visiting the Sahara offices both in Tanzania and Nigeria opened my mind to think and dream big. Now I am planning to expand my business even outside Africa. I sustain Africa by practicing Sustainable Tourism.

Founder, Kigoma Eco-cultural Tourism Enterprise, Tanzania

Andrew Mpashi

The SIF Fellowship Programme was a purposeful and insightful programme that has helped sharpen my business ideology especially in the Agricultural industry. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Sahara Foundation for the great opportunity to boost (both intellectually and financially) the production of clean cooking energy for local farmers to another level.

Co-Founder, Twalima Agro Solutions Limited, Zambia.

The SIF Programme has tremendously laid a solid foundation for me and Ecorich Solutions Limited as a company. Since we became a part of it, with real insights, trainings, and eye opening lessons, we have gone a long way to apply the knowledge in the daily running of the company.
From learning how to align the business model, narrowing our market niche, making a good pitch deck and even pitching to investors. Working with personal coaches was very instrumental, we understood the company’s gaps and that came in handy to help and offer advice.

Joyce Rugano

Founder, EcoRich Solutions, Kenya