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There is a popular maxim that says “time is money”; however trying to manage time for more money could be one hell of a task.

Every individual on earth is entitled to 24 hours and this is what makes us all equal. Little time with a lot of activities has made some
individuals wish for ways to earn more time. While we engage in the activity of thinking of ways to earn more time, we keep losing the time we already have. This unique property of time has made time management a necessity in our day- to-day activities.

Since we can’t purchase more time, we must make use of the available time efficiently. Proper time management yields fulfillment and achievement of goals but the big question remains “how do we manage our time properly without having to skip activities”

With the advance in technology, a lot of innovations are being made to assist people in time management especially at the place of work.
Some of these innovations are:

+Digital/Virtual Assistants

Different companies like Apple and Microsoft have come up with online assistants like Siri, Cortana. These digital assistants are highly
developed computer programs that are designed to engage in conversation with people who use them. They carry out certain tasks like creating text messages, making and receiving calls, finding places with just a voice command. Using a
digital assistant allows us to spend time on other duties that could tasking while the assistant handles the less tasking ones

+Use of scheduling tools like Droptask

Scheduling tools are software designed to efficiently assign time to tasks. These tools help in time management by ensuring that every activity has time for it and that we keep to it. An example of such a scheduling tool is Droptask

Drop task is an application that has helped individuals manage tasks efficiently. Efficient task management is achieved by the application’s ability to group common tasks, assign deadlines and make task management easy and visual.

+Project management systems
These are software that have become essential for companies when carrying out projects. This software enables teams to allocate resources, time and also allows them to see milestones covered. Some examples of such systems are Basecamp, Trello, MeisterTask. With these systems, tasks are assigned to specific employees, the project manager can as well track and monitor everyone’s progress throughout a project.

These systems also enhance communication as documents, information and discussions can be shared on it. These systems have enabled teams to work remotely, assess information from anywhere because they are in the cloud.

In conclusion, while these technologies have proved to be time management efficient, users must discipline themselves because one can assign time for tasks but failure to stick to time assigned to tasks would still yield poor results.

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