Sahara Foundation STEAMERs Program

Sahara Foundation in partnership with STEM café conceptualized the “catch them young and curious” Sahara STEAMERs programme  in 2021. The Sahara STEAMERs Programme is a school-based science and innovation Fellowship for secondary school students in Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. The programme aims to raise 150 smart technologists with creative confidence, deep understanding of embedded systems, […]


Everyone is bothered with robotic workers taking over the workforce, but no one is bothered about the toll they are taking on our energy use, natural resources, and our environment at large. There are no doubts that these inventions would transform our economies and probably transform the look of businesses in years to come by […]


There is a popular maxim that says “time is money”; however trying to manage time for more money could be one hell of a task. Every individual on earth is entitled to 24 hours and this is what makes us all equal. Little time with a lot of activities has made some individuals wish for […]


Sometime in June, Sahara Foundation opened a call for application for the Sahara Technical Regenerator Program (STRP). Applications are closed, have been reviewed and we are pleased to announce that on 26th June 2021, the STRP commenced. This program is a strategic partnership between Sahara Foundation, the Energy Training Centre (ETC), and the Renewable Energy […]

THE AFRICA WE WANT: The Seven Aspirations

Every African child born in and before the millennium knows one or two things about The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030), but how well do we know the African Union Agenda 2063? The African Union (AU) Let’s just say the Africa Union is a United Nations exclusive to Africa. It consists of 55 member […]

Sahara Technical Regenerator Program (STRP)

  On June 12, Sahara Foundation announced the launch of the inaugural edition of the Sahara Technical Regenerator Program (STRP) -a partnership between Sahara Foundation, Energy Training Center (IG handle: etc_connect) and Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN; IG handle: reanigeriaofficial). This program is aimed at promoting youth capacity in Lagos, Edo and Rivers, giving […]

2020 Egbin Power Plc Industrial Attachment Program for Undergraduates in Nigeria

Deadline: November 24, 2019 EGBIN POWER PLC, Lagos is one of the biggest additions to the electricity industry in Nigeria. Often seen as the biggest single generating power station in subSaharan Africa, it was built to meet the ever-rising demand for electricity in Lagos and its environs. Before the construction of the Egbin Power Plc, […]

2020 Lucas Dolega Award for Freelance Photographers

Deadline: November 24, 2019 The LUCAS DOLEGA AWARD is intended for freelance professional photographers. It aims to support and accompany photographers with important stories elaborated under risky conditions in order to ensure the communication of free and independent information to the public. The Award aims at rewarding a photographer who, through his or her personal […]