ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101: Entrepreneurial Skills

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An entrepreneur is a person who identifies opportunities, assembles the resources required to pursue the opportunity, creates a business around the opportunity; and nurse it to growth.

To start a business, it is essential to learn specific skills that underpin the qualities of an entrepreneur. Let’s look at some of these skills.

Entrepreneurial Skills are broadly divided into two: Personal Skills and Interpersonal skill

-Personal Skills

As an entrepreneur, there are some soft, personal skills you need to possess to succeed. They include:

+ Optimism. Are an optimistic thinker, Do see positivity and possibility in ideas?

+ Vision

+ Initiative

+ Risk Tolerance

+ Resilience

+ Drive

+ Persistence

+ Desire for control

-Interpersonal Skill

To be a successful entrepreneur, you’ll certainly work constantly with people- at this point, it’s important to build good relationships with your customers, team, suppliers and people you get involved with. Some of the skills you’ll need for this include:

+ Leadership and Motivation

+ Communication skills

+ Personal relations

+ Ethics

+ Negotiation

While some are gifted in these skills than others, it is possible to learn and develop them for a successful entrepreneurial life

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