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Sahara Group Foundation is the Personal and Corporate Social Responsibility vehicle for Sahara Group - a leading Oil & Gas, Energy, and Infrastructure conglomerate.

“I got to learn about the Sahara impact fund through a friend. The link was sent to me and I looked through the form. I knew I met all the criteria listed in the form, so I filled the form, submitted and waited.

When they reached out to me, my excitement knew no bound. Being part of the fellowship changed everything for me. It was a year long Social innovator program and mentorship. The things I learnt, the mentors I met, the relationships built is so valuable. The things I learnt in areas of business skills, sustainability of a social enterprise, networking skills, evaluation skills, investment readiness, building a portfolio, how to keep business networks etc changed how I run my company and the impact has been really amazing. One of the highlights of the fellowship year was having the opportunity to meet the CEO of Sahara group and listening to him share principles that work in real time business environment especially in social enterprise. At the end of the fellowship year, I went home with various awards including the Financial sustainability award.

My goal with Ashdam Solar Limited has always been to solve power poverty by providing alternative source of energy to small businesses and low income homes. Considering the power situation in my country, it’s very important that we do more than just providing alternative energy and that includes educating people especially young girls in primary and secondary schools. Well over 2,500 school girls have been trained (renewable energy advocacy and climate change advocacy) by us through the Green Tech girls summer boot camp.
That’s what we do at Ashdam Academy. We run training for youths that are interested in becoming renewable energy entrepreneurs. And over 500 people have been trained by the Academy.
Being a part of the Sahara Impact Fund didn’t just change my business, I was empowered to empower more people to take up the responsibility of bringing renewable energy into more homes and communities.”
Ashdam Solar Limited

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