World Environmental Day 2021

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We only have one earth and its our responsibility to take care of it.

Our galaxy and our world may be abundant with planets that some may be habitable, but nothing we will ever find is close to this planet that we call home. We will inevitably find planets that are the same in size as Earth, with some of them having a star and orbit closely resembling ours. In the coming decades, we can even discover that some of these planets like the Earth have a living atmosphere. And some of these planets may be harboring smart life, but these planets will not be Earth.

We have now so influential and so prevalent our collective impact on Earth’s environment, sea and forest, that leading scientists claim we have come into a new geological era, the Anthropocene, where human beings have been the main drivers of environmental change.

For this reason, we then celebrate the annual World Environment Day on 5 June, which aims to raise awareness of the threat that pollution and climate change pose to the environment.

The restoration of ecosystems is an important means of contributing to the objective of the environment day.

Restoration of the ecosystem means the recovery of degraded or destructed ecosystems and the conservation of still intact ecosystems. Greenhouse gas store and healthier ecosystems with richer biodiversity yield higher benefits, such as more fertile soils, increased yields of timber and fish.

Restoration may take place in many ways, by actively planting or removing pressures, for example, so that nature can recover itself. The return of an ecosystem to its original condition is not always possible or desirable.

According to Leo Tolstoy, one of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.



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